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Changzhou Metro line 1 starts trial operation The ACC system provided by Panda Information runs smoothly

Panda Electronics  2019-09-29

At 9:20 a.m. on September 21, Changzhou Metro Line 1 started trial operation. The ACC system provided by Panda Information runs smoothly and is praised by Changzhou Metro.

The ACC system provided by Panda Information in the construction of Changzhou Metro Line 1 is the brain of the AFC system. Since getting the bid in January 2017, after many design liaison meetings, technical standards seminars, Panda Information planned the time nodes reasonably. All the work of R&D and testing of ACC system has been successfully completed.

On the opening day, all the support staff of the project department arrived at the control center in advance, and made final preparations to check whether the modules of the system were ready. After the formal opening, the technicians were concerning about the operation of the system and the data situation. The final data show that on the first day of the opening of Changzhou Metro Line 1, till 11:55 pm there were 170459 passenger flows in and 167671 passenger flows out , and all functions of the system were perfect. The ACC system developed by Panda Information is stable and mature, and has withstood field tests.

The opening and smooth trial operation of Changzhou Line 1 highlighted the good execution ability, excellent technical level and spirit of fearing hardship of Panda employees, and reflected the strength of Panda Information in AFC and ACC of rail transit.
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