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Panda showed in the CIIF, led the future of intelligent manufacturing

Panda Electronics  2019-09-23

On September 17, the 21st China International Industry Fair (hereinafter referred to as the CIIF) opened in the National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai). With the theme of "Equipped China, Intelligent Future", Panda Equipment shows the application scenarios in intelligent factory solutions of Panda industry robot, iMANUF. system , as well as the development results in the field of AI service robots. Let the audience appreciate the charm of Panda's independent innovation at close range.

During the exhibition, the assistant of GM of CEC and chairman of CEC Panda Mr. Xu Guofei, the Deputy Secretary of Panda Electronics Party Committee and general manager of Panda Electronics Mr. Xia Dechuan, the Secretary of Panda Electronics Party Committee Mr. Song Yunfeng, and other leaders visited the exhibition and listened to the latest achievements of Panda Equipment in the field of intelligent manufacturing. They hoped that Panda Equipment should seize the new round of scientific and technological revolution and the strategic opportunities brought by the industrial transformation, and take intelligent manufacturing as the main direction of development, strengthen the industrial layout, speed up the pace of innovation, enhance the core competitiveness and achieve high-quality development.

As the most influential international industrial brand exhibition in China's equipment manufacturing industry, the CIIF, with the theme of "Intelligence, Interconnection - Empower the new industry development", attracted 2600 enterprises at home and abroad with the latest manufacturing technology to participate in the exhibition. Panda Equipment shows five application scenarios, simulates factory operation on site, and enables the audience to experience intelligent manufacturing in the presence of the scene. Among them, the digital workshop of precision machining, intelligent riveting system for special fiber wing and automatic grinding flexible unit have become the highlights of the exhibition. In the digital workshop of precision processing, AGV delivery the material components to machine tools. Then the materials are processed by robot arm, finished products will be put back on AGV, and delivered back to storage warehouse. The whole process is orderly. Through the real-time presentation of data, the factory is more intelligent, transparent and safer. Intelligent riveting system for special fiber wing, which is suitable for aerospace assembly task, has replaced traditional manual hole-making with its good performance, thus improving the accuracy and efficiency of hole-making. It is a new trend of aerospace assembly technology. The machine is developed by Panda Equipment independently and has good response after being put into the market. It has broad application prospects and development potential. In some traditional manufacturing industries, polishing and grinding is a basic procedure, but the labor cost is very high. In the automatic polishing flexible unit, the robot can work quickly, accurately and efficiently, greatly improve efficiency and reduce labor costs, which attracts many professional audiences.

Panda Equipment equipped with a new service robot "Xiaobei". With its interesting appearance design, it has attracted a large number of visitors' attention, and played a puzzle game PK with the audience. This service robot is based on artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, 5G and other technologies. It has a series of functions such as face recognition, voice interaction, leading and following, smart home control. It also has expandable modules, which can respond to more application scenarios.

Fig. 1, Xu Guofei visited the exhibition,Fig. 2, the leadership of Panda Electronics visited the exhibition.
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