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Panda Electronics adheres to the goal orientation and strives to achieve high-quality development

Panda Electronics  2019-09-09

Since this year, Panda Electronics has been focusing on the annual operating indicators, adhering to the goal-oriented and new development concept, constantly strengthening quality improvement, efficiency enhancement and lean management, continuously building strategic core competitiveness, and striving to promote transformation and upgrading to a new level.

1.Strengthen quality and efficiency improvement, deepen structural reform
Since this year, Panda Electronics has been aiming at high-quality development, continuously improving the working mechanism of improving quality and efficiency, and accelerating the structural reform of supply side. First, systematically comb existing products and businesses, optimize product business structure, eliminate backward production capacity; second, keep a close eye on market development, continue to promote the transformation from selling single equipment to undertaking integrated system projects; third, further optimize the allocation of resources, and promote the smooth and healthy development of enterprises.

Up to now, the smart city industry has won more than 10 key projects such as the AFC of the phase I of Xuzhou Metro Line 3, winning the bid amount of nearly 500 million yuan. At the same time, it promotes the deep integration of "Internet +" technology with the government, industry and people's livelihood. Intelligent manufacturing industry actively strives for greater scope, wider field and higher level of open cooperation, and continues to expand to new business areas such as electronic glass, new energy materials, and cultivate new economic growth points. According to the market positioning of SMT and injection moulding, the electronic manufacturing service industry gives full play to the advantages of synergy and industrial chain, and expands from black home appliances to white home appliances and automotive electronics, innovates business models, and improves market competitiveness.

2.Strengthen scientific research innovation and promote core competence
Under the guidance of relevant national industrial policies and industry needs, Panda has strengthened strategic thinking, studied the market and industry dynamics in depth, further clarified the main direction of industry, and made remarkable achievements in implementing scientific research projects and promoting technology tackling.

This year, the company has established more than 10 annual key scientific research plans. At present, all the projects are progressing smoothly, and some projects have entered the debugging stage. In the second half of the year, the company will manage the intellectual property rights and technological achievements of the projects, and vigorously promote the industrialization and marketization to provide scientific and technological support for innovation and development.

In addition, in order to speed up the application of 5G new technology and promote the development of industrial deep integration, Panda has conducted a full investigation and demonstration on the topic of "integrating into 5G industrial chain". Combining with market demand and technology trends, find business breakthroughs, and speed up the construction of industry chain led by 5G new technology.

3.Strengthen lean management and promote sustainable development
Since the company started lean management in an all-round way, all the companies and departments of Panda have integrated the lean concept into their daily work in accordance with their own reality, and achieved good results. At the beginning of this year, the company put forward new requirements for lean management, striving to promote the development of lean management in an all-round way, and continuously enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises.

All the companies and departments have gradually established a sound internal management mechanism through the refinement of the responsibilities. They have put forward new measures in implementing the post responsibility system and enhancing the execution of the system, striving to develop towards standardization, specialization, procedural and systematic, and constantly optimizing the internal management of enterprises.

In improving the level of information management, Panda continues to promote the construction of SAP-ERP Phase II project and maintain and upgrade the company's virtualization information platform; on the other hand, improve the construction of assessment system. The self-developed face recognition attendance management system has been used in the Panda Equipment Park to promote the standardization, efficiency and intelligence of company management.

4.Strengthen the Party's leadership to provide guarantee for development
Since this year, under the guidance of Xi Jinping's ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party, the Party organizations of Panda Electronics have further strengthened the leadership of the Party and carried out Party building work in a solid manner, thus providing political guarantee for the steady development of the company.

In the aspect of promoting the deep integration of Party building and company operation, the Party organizations of Panda give full play to the role of pioneer and model. By selecting typical advanced and strengthening demonstration leadership, they encourage employees to create a pioneering and enterprising atmosphere, and promote the high-quality development of company.


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