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Panda Electronics passed the safety precautions cross-checking between enterprises

Panda Electronics  2019-09-09

According to the unified deployment of the Nanjing Public Security Bureau on the cross-checking of safety precautions in large enterprises, the inspection team led by Nanjing Depot of Sinograin Group went to the Panda Equipment Park for inspection recently, and affirmed the effectiveness of Panda Electronics.

The inspection team listened to the report on the work of internal security of Panda Electronics and inspected the key places such as gates, monitoring centers, power centers and food processing centers in the park. They consulted the working system of internal security, account books, records and other written information. The inspection team believes that Panda Electronics has always attached great importance to the work of internal security in enterprises. It can take the internal security and stability of enterprises and the maintenance of social harmony and stability as a key work. It has a sound working system, a clear division of responsibilities, and measures in place, and has achieved remarkable results.

The team also visited the Panda Robot Exhibition Center, the Digital Factory and the Panda Digital City Show Room.
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