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Zhu Xiaogang and his delegation from China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation visited Panda

Panda Electronics  2019-08-26

August 16, Zhu Xiaogang, deputy general manager of China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation, a subsidiary of China Railway Construction Corporation Limited, visited the Panda Equipment Park and was warmly received by the general manager of Panda Electronics, Deputy Secretary of Panda Electronic Party Committee Mr. Xia Dechuan, the deputy general manager of Panda Electronics and general manager of Panda Information Mr. Guo Qing.

Zhu Xiaogang and his delegation visited Panda Robot Exhibition Center, Digital Factory and Panda Digital City Show Room. During the visit, Xia Dechuan introduced the recent development, scientific research level, market capacity and transformation ideas of Panda Electronics. The two sides exchanged in-depth views on the technical trend, product application and business development of rail transit, and reached preliminary agreement on the intention to jointly explore domestic and foreign markets. Both sides expressed that they would seize the opportunity while the country is actively promoting high-quality economic development, and achieve win-win development in deep cooperation.
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